Medical centre Onderbanken

Registration kiosk results in far fewer approaches to the front desk

Medical centre Onderbanken

Registration kiosk results in far fewer approaches to the front desk

Exterior of medical centre Onderbanken
Registration kiosk at medical centre Onderbanken
Waitingroom at medical centre Onderbanken
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Medical centre Onderbanken has a location in Schinveld and in Merkelbeek, located in South Limburg. The general practice employs seven general practitioners. The practice is also a training practice, which regularly employs GPs in training. The patient population comprises about 7300 patients (both locations combined) in a mix of low (26%), medium (43%) and high (31%) educated.

Through the GP group, to which this practice is affiliated, they received an information flyer about the Wachtkamerschermen® registration system. This seemed like a good idea to them. Mrs Nooijen, GP, explains: ‘We first asked around in the GP group who already had experience with such a registration system. And so we decided to give it a try.’ The practice started with a leasing arrangement, which allowed them to try out the sign-in kiosk and return it if it was nothing. But soon positive results were achieved and the practice could not do without the registration kiosk!

Request from assistants

3 days a week, the practice hosts a blood sampling hour from the hospital. These are always busy days as patients have to check in at the front desk for this. Patients who have an appointment with the GP do not have to check in, but these patients also went to check in at the front desk because they thought they had to. Ms Nooijen says the assistants were overloaded as a result: ‘The request for a registration system came mainly from the assistants. They were going crazy with the rush. The run-up at the front desk just had to be drastically reduced.’

At first, it took some getting used to for patients. The registration process did not always run smoothly. Since then, the software has been adapted, making it much easier to sign in: ‘Even older people sign in with ease via the registration kiosk and understand how it works. The registration kiosk now works excellently!’

Approach to the front desk much reduced

Assistants experience more peace of mind because the run-up at the counter has become much less. Research by Wachtkamerschermen®, in which a 0 and final measurement was carried out at the practice, confirms this. The number of contact moments at the counter decreased by no less than 86%! 

Ms Nooijen says: ‘Now our assistants can quietly finish a (telephone) call without being disturbed or feeling rushed. This allows them to spend their time much more effectively!’

GPs better informed

The registration system also offers advantages for GPs: ‘We can now see exactly which patients are present. Very nice because now I don't have to go back and forth to the waiting room unnecessarily. Sometimes I even call a patient in earlier because I know they are already there.’

Ms Nooijen says they are very happy with the registration system. So happy that a registration kiosk will also be installed at the other location: ‘The registration kiosk has really proven itself! In the beginning we were a bit hesitant but after these positive results we decided to buy the new kiosk immediately. Because we don't want to lose the registration kiosk anymore!’