Health Centre De Pastorie
Registration kiosk at De Pastorie
Waitingroom at De Pastorie

Health Centre De Pastorie

GPs can plan their work more efficiently due to the registration kiosk.

At De Pastorie health centre in Eindhoven, GPs in particular notice a difference. They can plan their work more efficiently. GPs plan more efficientl…

Exterior of medical centre Onderbanken
Registration kiosk at medical centre Onderbanken
Waitingroom at medical centre Onderbanken

Medical centre Onderbanken

Registration kiosk results in far fewer approaches to the front desk

Far fewer contact moments at the front desk
Assistants experience more calm
GP's informed of attendance

Exterior Medical Center Lindenheuvel Geleen
Registration kiosk at Medical Center Lindenheuvel
Waitingroom Medical Center Lindenheuvel

Medical Center Lindenheuvel

Registration kiosk saves time and increases patient satisfaction

Time saving
No more queues at the reception desk
Increased patient satisfaction