Exterior Stroomz Woensel
Registration kiosk at Stroomz Woensel
One of the waitingsrooms at Stroomz Woensel

Stroomz Woensel

More calm at the reception and optimally informed patiënts

Less traffic at the reception desk
Combination with digital signage
Additional information via Wachtkamerschermen®

Exterior of GP practice Noordzij
Reception desk of GP practice Noordzij
Waitingroom of GP practice Noordzij

General Practice Noordzij

Registration kiosk gives an overview of who in the waiting room

Current overview of present patients
Errors in appointments are noticed
Patients can be helped faster

Exterior GP Practice Overschie
Registration kiosk at Overschie
Waitingroom at Overschie

General Practice Overschie

Registration kiosk increases GP practice efficiency

Increased efficiency
Less crowding at the frontdesk
Actual overview of patiënts present

Exterior of general practice Kastelenplein
Registration kiosk at general practice Kastelenplein
One of the waitingrooms at general practice Kastelenplein
Another waitingarea at general practice Kastelenplein

General Practice Kastelenplein

Registration kiosk helps to cope with staff shortages

Less crowding at the reception desk
The desk can be closed when understaffed
General practitioners no longer have to search for patients

Health Centre De Pastorie
Registration kiosk at De Pastorie
Waitingroom at De Pastorie

Health Centre De Pastorie

GPs can plan their work more efficiently due to the registration kiosk.

At De Pastorie health centre in Eindhoven, GPs in particular notice a difference. They can plan their work more efficiently. GPs plan more efficientl…

Exterior of medical centre Onderbanken
Registration kiosk at medical centre Onderbanken
Waitingroom at medical centre Onderbanken

Medical centre Onderbanken

Registration kiosk results in far fewer approaches to the front desk

Far fewer contact moments at the front desk
Assistants experience more calm
GP's informed of attendance

Exterior GP De Blauwe Tulp
Registration kiosk at De Blauwe Tulp
Waitingroom at De Blauwe Tulp

GP practice De Blauwe Tulp

Registration kiosk offers assistance and practice tranquility and space

Front desk less burdened
When understaffed, front desk can simply close
Assistants can now relieve GPs

Exterior huisartsenpraktijk Dolium
Registration kiosk at Huisartsenpraktijk Dolium
Waitingroom at Huisartsenpraktijk Dolium

GP practice Dolium

Registration kiosk at GP's practice reduces workload for assistants

Significant reduction in workload
Coverage during sick leave
Patients view kiosk as 'Normal'

Exterior Pallion General Practice
Registration kiosk at Pallion
Waitingroom at Pallion

Pallion General Practice

Registration kiosk relieves staff and enhances patient privacy

Relieving medical staff
More privacy for patients
Significantly quieter at the reception desk

Exterior at Practice Praktijk De Huisarts Gouda
Registration kiosk at De Huisarts Gouda
Waitingroom at De Huisarts Gouda

Practice De Huisarts

Registration kiosk at GP Practice saves time

Less crowding at the reception desk
Other tasks performed more thoroughly
Assistants are less frequently interrupted