Tag Huisartsenpraktijk
Exterior GP Practice Overschie
Registration kiosk at Overschie
Waitingroom at Overschie

General Practice Overschie

Increased practice efficiencyFewer patients at the reception deskUp-to-date overview of…

Assistants at General Practice Overschie are less frequently interrupted as patients now check in via the kiosk, leading to more efficient operations.

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Exterior GP De Blauwe Tulp
Registration kiosk at De Blauwe Tulp
Waitingroom at De Blauwe Tulp

GP practice De Blauwe Tulp

Front desk less burdenedWhen understaffed, front desk can simply closeAssistants can now…

Registration kiosk at GP practice in The Hague results in quiet waiting area, a minimally staffed reception desk and an assistant with room for care tasks.

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Exterior GP Sarphatipark Amsterdam
Modular registration kiosk at GP Sarphatipark
Waitingroom at GP Sarphatipark

GP practice Sarphatipark

Fewer patients at the reception deskClear routing in practiceReception doesn't need conti…

The registration system at General Practitioner Practice Sarphatipark in Amsterdam alleviates the workload of assistants and ensures clear routing within the practice.

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Exterior Medical Center Lindenheuvel Geleen
Registration kiosk at Medical Center Lindenheuvel
Waitingroom Medical Center Lindenheuvel

Medical Center Lindenheuvel

Time savingNo more queues at the reception deskIncreased patient satisfaction

Medical Center Lindenheuvel in Geleen uses the registration system from Wachtkamerschermen®, which is linked to Tetra's Bricks Huisarts.

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